As I sit here pondering what to put in the first post I am surrounded by the excitement of the season that is coming in 2012. I can already smell the compost in the seed trays working it’s magic on runner beans, haricot verte, courgettes, leeks, pumpkins and tomato plants. This is just the start but it’s a start.. like this first post.

What I hope for first and foremost is rain, the allotment is prepped but dry,  only the wild garlic, liberated from Dorset a couple of years ago and the Champagne Rhubarb appear to be prospering. The Purple Sprouting Broccoli is surprising fruitful as last year it fared worse and was a disappointment ( How I hate that word for so many reasons).  So bring on the rain, the fungi, fruit and allotment delights and more besides.

OFF THE PLOT is dedicated to a change in life, in circumstances and attitude. An irreverent two finger salute to modernism and the affluent culture that everyone appears to be infected with. We were once like that but a few years ago we went into CREDIAC ARREST, were emergency resuscitated, resurrected ( sorry Jesus, we lost our faith in you too) and were cut loose of credit, loans, materialism and embraced second hand clothes, gardening tools and a special piece of dirt commonly known as an allotment. New words like com posters, Boletus and tentingholidays in the UK entered our vocabulary, we began our 5 year plan and wondered what the future held.  This is a blog that describes our coming year and the past. It will a be a very interesting read.

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