The Wild Table by Connie Green, Sarah Scott – Forwarded by Thomas Keller


A book review! Just to be different 🙂

Saw the front cover of this book a few months ago in Foyles and immediately feel in love with it’s concept.. However as soon as you open it you will immediately realise this is a North American book. Despite this it is well written and puts a different spin on foraging in so many ways. It describes the different seasons for detecting specific plants and fungi, some have different names- Huckleberries we know as Bilberries for example and others are unknown in Europe ( Fiddleheads ), just to add a little more mystery and intrigue to the menu!

Within it’s initial early pages is a weel written and passionate introduction that describes what it means to forage and gather wild food and continues with how to prepare it, providing many decent recipes to be creative with. It is available on Amazon @

One final note, In the back of the book is a seasonal calender, showing what appears when east or west of the Mississippi River. Jump in, chase the rapids and drift wood an enjoy a magic and challenging read.

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