OffThePlot – UpToDate April 12


ImageAfter many a worried look from Toni and lingering doubts began to surfaces regarding their progress the earlies have finally appeared only to be recovered in dirt to prevent further frost damage. The first shoots are a relief, a tangable first sign of green life and that the other 7 rows of mid, late and salad potatoes will come along too, eventually.


The cabbages are now planted, or should I say “caged” and slug detered! The cage is our old rabbit run converted. There are 24 apparantly so lots of Eastern European and coleslaw dishes in Septemeber/October time.


The allotment looking towards the spuds and perimeter fence. In front of the spuds are Garlic and soon to be planted Beetroot and beans. The Rhubarb looks like its about to bolt for the second year running! This wierd weather must be to blame, it’s confusing the hell out of me!

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