When You Go Down To The Woods Today…

“Strolling along minding my own business”… this is my early morning walk with “Louis Le Brittany” and rather than stick to the path that passes through Hoebridge Golf Course I  wander just off the beaten track  to find a bevvy of golf balls and St. Georges Mushrooms.

Not often have I seen a “clump” of SG’s.. But here it is!

St George’s Mushroom

300 g (10 oz) St George’s mushrooms
50 g (2 oz) butter
1-2 tablespoons yoghurt
A sprinkle of marjoram
A pinch of oregano
A little grated nutmeg
Salt and pepper


Sauté the mushrooms, parsley, herbs and seasoning for 5-10 minutes in the butter. Allow the juices to evaporate. Add the yoghurt and simmer for 15-20 minutes until the yoghurt has been absorbed. Do not let it boil or the yoghurt will coagulate.
Jeff and Jenny Stone, who gave me this excellent recipe, suggest serving it with a bean flan or as a starter with toast or croutons.
Traditionally found on St George’s Day, April 23, it is from this that it gets its name, but in most years it will occur a week or two later. It has a strong, mealy smell and taste which is reduced in cooking. Personally I do not like eating the large, older specimens but fresh, young ones are very good. In France its common name is mousseron and it is one of the most searched-for species


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