Loire De Da - Old and New World Wine Adventures

If I had to choose my favourite grape variety, it would be Pinot Noir. One the ingredients in classic Champagne, the only variety in Champagne Blanc de Noirs and as a red wine, it can be simply stunning.

So, when I came across a Chapel Hill Pinot Noir in Waitrose for the £6.99 I did a double take. On closer inspection I discovered it is made in Hungary – doesn’t sound very Hungarian does it?


Should I risk £7.00 of my hard earned cash to see if this is an undiscovered gem or another bottle of Eastern European cooking wine? I risked it. Hungary is famous for it’s Tokaji Aszu, a delicious and very expensive desert wine and its production dates back to the middle ages. Pinot Noirs are a relatively new consideration for this country.

I tried the Chapel Hill on its own and accompanied with a good local…

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