Off The Plot – From The Sea – No Turbot – Brill!

Toni and I made a decision that the holiday would be influenced by locally sourced, fresh and, hopefully, tasty morsels that we’d normally not get locally, from our “manor”, off our plot! This is Brill…. not Turbot. We found Turbot in Rick Stein’s Seafood shop unpriced but knew it would be a pretty penny. We also thought it would be more gamey in taste and would need to be left a few days to improve in flavour.

This dish has local asparagus, Brill, Cornish butter and Sea Salt complemented with Camel Valley 2010 Brut (optional). This is another story! Cornish, English, British whatever.. It’s a lot of money for what it is. What it isn’t is Champagne. In truth it doesn’t directly claim to be so but alludes to the historic maker, a certain Englishman, Mr. Merrett as influential in its production, and so, the argument of champagnois”ness” continues. The price is in the same bracket as say a Moet or slightly more than a Gold Medal Tesco’s own Champagne. I believe it has a very different style, very unlike the French, not coming from the grape varietals traditionally used. It is fizzy, very fizzy, lemony and dry. That is it in a nut shell, unsophisticated, unpretentious and definitely not worth the money. Sorry to doubt the validity of this great and genuine enterprise’s benchmark bottle, I hope the Blanc de Blanc convinces me differently. 5/10

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