Off The Plot with John Lane







Both books follow similar themes, how to just be in the moment, live simply and sustainably and to be closer or one with nature. The author takes you on a journey which is gentle, meaningful, philosophically validating its intent with examples through history of authors, artists, theologians and other mindful individuals. Both books are historic documents, occasionally repeating messages, treading upon religious territory in the process. This I found uncomfortable and unnecessary but I can understand why it’s inclusion is necessary and an issue to me.

A few simple truths strike me when immersed in “Timeless Simplicity” and “The Spirit of Silence”.  Wealth isn’t just possessions, poverty isn’t a bad thing, as it is seen in a modern context, not having this or that, in comparison to others, it just means doing without! And that following the Mass, “other people”, is social conditioning. Both publications offer guidance to achieving simplicity, not a rough guide nor a diatribe but readable and optional ideologies that can make a better, more fulfilling and meaningful stab at life.

I found comfort, mystery and knowledge in them, a sense that I am on track but need to be more sustainable and simple, not just in my physical life but also mentally and spiritually. Mind food for future thought. Thank you, John Lane.


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