Mark and Toni developed “offtheplot UK” to reflect the changes to their life that circumstance and choices created. Both are healthcare professionals, have 3 children, now all grown up and going their own ways in the world. Mark and Toni began their new life in the shadow of many challenges, ill health, financial uncertainty, the credit crunch, to name but a few. Their journey began back in August 2006 when an ill child and a family death resulted in a hasty retreat from New Zealand back to the UK. This was pre recession and money was being thrown at people, literally. The ailing family started their new life in Old Woking and there they stayed for several years. Toni and Mark worked hard to redress the financial situation against the odds  before they determined a return to New Zealand was in order. This was also contributable to the fact that their three kids, Arran, Dale and Naomi were now either married, at or about to go to university.

The adventures along the way are in part seen within the context of the blog and wild food gathering both fungi and fruit and the travels to inspiring parts of the UK and beyond are charted. What it doesn’t convey however is the real changes that took place in their belief systems and beyond. This is perhaps another story for another day. What matters more than anything else is their belief in living in the moment, and just being, being more mindful and self aware and still trying their best to continue to grow and learn in a non striving, self sustainable manner and with a more greener, natural focus too.

Not wanting to dwell too much on the past and get too caught up in the future, Mark and Toni now live in Mornington, near Island Bay in Wellington and still work within their healthcare environments. They have thought about returning to where they once lived in Northland but the karmic doors appear firmingly closed and both now see a future, some what dimly, up the line in the Wiararapa. The future maybe small holding esk, with small scale food and meat production for both home and business, wine sales from France as well as home beer brewing. Offtheplot NZ will follow their progress.


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